Rescue Dogs and Homeless Animals – From the Well of Love to the Shelter

Rescue dogs and homeless animals are the joys of life. Their plight calls for compassion and loving care in the best case, to give them a second chance in life, but in the worst, they are signs of human cruelty and depravity.

Stray animals, abandoned pets, the sick and diseased be all but extinct and no more can be raised or bred because of their inbreeding. This is not only a source of weakness to the human race but also a danger to both the wild and domestic species. The traditional dog as protector and guide has now been replaced by uninvited wild animals with destructive tendencies and sickly characteristics.

With so many abandoned dogs, we are opening the door to the wild animal and the wolf. Thus, the large, vicious wolf that once hid in the woods to escape a human’s menacing gaze is free to roam free. And in some cases, they have outwitted and overpowered the hunters who had hunted them since time immemorial and who have nothing else to do except to use their sharp claws and sharp teeth to kill the animals.

Dog lovers are the first to appreciate the fact that rescuing is a rewarding experience and one that should not be taken lightly. They realize that not all of these animals can be rehabilitated and re-homed to new homes, but with constant rescue work they are able to save and re-home thousands of dogs and cats that otherwise might be lost forever.

A number of rescue organizations are available. Some of them provide food, shelter, care and loving care to the animals. They are also the ones responsible for the removal of animals from stray sources and bringing them to shelters or rescue centers.

However, most of the pet rescue organizations focus more on locating those needy pets to provide them proper care and nurture them so that they can be re-homed. Often times, they become trapped in overcrowded and unsanitary places where they can have serious problems and suffering. At the same time, these poor creatures are typically surrendered to shelters and rescues by their owners when the pet owners can no longer take care of them.

In other cases, the pet owners are unable to feed and provide shelter for the pet, which they have in a house or apartment. When this happens, they will often seek shelter from the animal rescue center to give the animals a second chance.

Other times, the pet owner will run out of options and abandon the pet to the rescue organization, citing financial constraints and lack of time. They may see their pet as an ‘unnecessary’ expense and they would rather spend the money on their own pet.

In the most common sense, these cases are best left behind, to provide these unfortunate victims with one more chance at life. Most pet owners have the heart to give the rescue dogs and homeless animals their rightful place in the community. And many of these owners understand the role of rescues and animal welfare in improving the quality of life for all the animals.

While the initial contributions from the individuals and organizations supporting the work of animal rescues is money, more funds are needed to continue with the task. Veterinarians and professionals in the field are needed to properly raise, train and care for the rescued pets.

Many organizations that provide such services say that the task of re-homing the rescued animals is not easy but a dog’s love and loyalty are what sets him apart from other animals. These dogs need to be trained to be pets in a more human way, and many have been trained and socialized to become part of the family. Some of them even come to love the humans in their rescue centers and shelters like a member of the family.

With love and support of the pet owners, these dogs are given a second chance at life. The animals might be littering, roaming in the streets, having serious health problems or are being housed in shelters. But you know that with your efforts, they are safe, happy and healthy.